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We’ve dedicated our business to helping commercial businesses and homeowners understand roofing and roof repair Milwaukee. Our commitment is to provide the highest level of professional service and make this a very enjoyable experience for you. Our team of experts treat each commercial building and home with the same respect and care that we do our own. Business owners and residents of Wisconsin have a wide range of weather and temperature considerations to watch for which is why it is so important to have a roof inspection at least once a year.

Quality Seal Roofing provides residential, commercial and industrial roofing for all of South Eastern Wisconsin including: Milwaukee County, Racine County, Waukesha County, Ozaukee County, Kenosha County


Quality Seal Roofing is committed to installing quality roof systems at a fair price and offer superior service, putting our customers first! Quality Seal Roofing, LLC uses materials that are known for their high quality standards. Our commercial and industrial clients depend on us for quality products, excellent service and professionalism. We treat your business as our own.


Michigan’s Best Goose Hunts

With resident Canada goose populations increasing and stable numbers of migratory geese, Michigan waterfowlers should be looking forward to banner season again in 2008. (November 2008).

opulations of migratory geese tend to rise and fall dependent on breeding conditions in the far north and the number of adults that return in the spring. Michigan’s resident giant Canada goose population is relatively stable compared with the migratory population. That’s one reason why resource managers design Michigan’s goose seasons to take advantage of the abundance of residence geese. Migratory geese are an added bonus.

Ideally, biologists like to control the number of resident Canada geese in Michigan at 175,000 to 225,000 birds, and recent expanded goose hunting Michigan seasons have done just that. From a glut of more than 325,000 geese just 10 years ago, hunting harvest not only has kept the local geese numbers in check but also reduced their numbers to the low end of population goals. However, good nesting success and regulations that are slightly more restrictive has the resident giant Canada goose population booming again. Biologists estimated the 2006 spring population at 186,000 birds. The number jumped to 219,000 last spring and is likely to be close to ideal population goals by spring.


Bathroom Remodels – Atlanta, GA

No room in your Atlanta home sees more daily traffic than the bathroom. Morning, noon, and night your family needs access to a space in which they can relax and feel comfortable. A bathroom should be soothing, safe, and designed for your lifestyle. We will listen to your needs and ideas before we begin the design process to ensure a bathroom you will love. With your input, our seasoned designers will then take you every step of the way, from spatial planning to material selection, until the project of your dreams is complete. Rest assured your new bath will be one you can be proud of – aesthetically aligned with you and your home, on-budget, and constructed with quality materials. By remodeling your bathroom with Cornerstone Remodeling of Atlanta you will be able to maximize space, comfort, and value in one easy to manage project.

Creating A Bathroom That You Can Live In

We believe a bathroom should be a place to relax and shut the world out. Yes-that room with a toilet, bathtub, sink and shower, is an ideal space to create a happy place you can visit a few times each day without ever leaving your home. In fact, the bathroom might be the only room in the house where you safely can lock yourself inside for a half-hour to escape the noise of life, stress of the day, and potentially the hubbub that’s happening right outside that door (ahem, parents of small children). So why not give the bathroom the attention it deserves?

When tackling an Atlanta bathroom remodeling project it is important to consider the budget, layout & functionality, aesthetic appeal, and increasing your property value, but it is also important to consider the little things that can provide you comfort. Maybe you enjoy soaking in the tub while reading a book? A Freestanding tub can give you the space and design to enjoy it even more. How about adding a chandelier just above the tub which provides light for reading but also helps create style. The point is if you treat your bathroom as the livable room it should be it could be the most enjoyable remodel project you ever take on.