What Can You Put on Your Business Card?

If you have no experience in making business card and do not know how to design one then the first thing that you need to remember is that less is more and we would be looking at things that should be or could be printed on a business card in this article so the people who are starting new businesses would find this article useful.

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  • The name of the person would go on the card.
  • The position or the post that the person holds.
  • The name of the company or firm that the individual belongs to and the logo would be printed on the card.
  • The contact information of the individual like his/her email address, phone number and maybe even social media address (depending upon the job of the person).
  • The address of the company or if the company has no physical address then the website address of the company or both.
  • Firms often add a tag line or a quote that the firm uses generally and associates with so you can put that there too if your firm has one.
  • You might have not known it but you can also put QR code on your business card. We know that it sounds unusual but many businesses in the world do it and it has some benefits too. Of course you would only be able to do it if your firm has any QR codes of its own but if it does then you can simply go to a printing company that prints them and get it done in no time.

How You Can Make Profit Through Facebook

Given the amount of time the average person spends online in a day, it’s no wonder why so many businesses are moving their attention getters online as well. If you have a Facebook account, then there’s no way that you’ve never ended up scrolling through your Facebook news feed till you happened across pages that are posting pictures of their products. Even if you don’t follow the page, when your friends like or comment on their posts, they make their way to your newsfeed.

Even if you aren’t really interested in what they’re offering at the time, you still end up looking through what they’ve got and if you ever make your mind that you want what they’re selling, you’ll know where to go looking for it. This is a very common place scenario but when you think about it, it tells you just how effective Facebook is when it comes to promoting businesses.

A lot of today’s businesses grow big fast and become successful because they’re using Facebook as a platform to promote their business in front of an audience of millions of people. The idea of using Facebook to market a business sounds pretty simple and it is as well; however, if you wish to cover all your basses and create a fool proof Facebook marketing plan that will get you attention from the kind of customers you’ve designed your services and products for then you can consult with expert marketers at Voy Media facebook marketing.

Voy Media facebook marketing understands the trends behind the successes and downfalls of businesses what are trying to use the social media platform to promote themselves and if you consult with them, they can discuss your strategy with you and find you the most optimal way to go about it.