Mistakes to Avoid When Purchasing Steel Supplies

The process of purchasing steel supplies is not something that everyone will have to go through. Still, there are certain cases when the need arises, and you have to do something about it. The purchasing process is not difficult at all, especially when you know where to go, and what to do. Still, some people end up making some mistakes that cost them a lot of money.

You can check out steel Brisbane if you are looking for good places to purchase steel supplies. The purpose of this article is to look at some mistakes that are best if they are avoided. This will ensure that whoever is in the market looking to purchase steel supplies, the experience is smoother, and without any issue.

Going to Different Places For Different Items

I know a lot of people who might think that it is about getting discounts, but it is not really. The reason why I would suggest you to avoid that is because if you do have a place where all the supplies are available, then you should just go with them. Sure, the discount part does come in later, but at least you will know that the steel you are purchasing is of good quality.

Not Know About What You Are Purchasing

One more mistake that I always suggest people to avoid is that they do not know what they are purchasing. I know it might not sound like a huge deal but you are purchasing steel, and there can be so many discrepancies whenever you are purchasing something like that. So, make sure that you have done enough research, or at least have someone with you who knows how to purchase the right thing.


Man Weaves: The Newest Trend

It is not a lie that we all want to look good. We understand the importance our physical appearance holds on other people and how it can shape our lives. So, we take care of our skin, try to maintain a healthy weight and dress appropriately and nicely when we leave our homes. Having clear skin, symmetrical teeth, and a head full of hair are also considered important traits of physical attractiveness. However, a lot of people start losing hair from a young age, and at times it can end up in premature balding, and that can have a huge hit on our self-esteem.

Around 30% or more of the population tends to suffer from premature balding, and with an issue this prevalent, it is important to come up with a solution. Now, there are surgical procedures that can help you, however, if you are not looking for something so drastic or extreme, your next option is to opt for a man weave.

Man weaves have recently hit the market and are now becoming very popular amongst males. Man weaves work on the same principle as female weaves or hair units, however the length and styling of the units are for males. There are a number of websites and businesses like Harje Hair that provide 100% natural human hair units and weaves, leaving you with a natural result that you will like. A good and experienced barber can help attach and adjust your weave for you and then guide you about the necessary steps you need to take when it comes to maintaining the weave and what you have to be careful of. They will also advise on how long the weave will last and when you will need to come in again and get it removed.


Time to Up Your Card Game

If you were worried about what people might think if you went out wearing a particular kind of clothing you have or anything of that sort, then wait till you get into your work life. Normally when people judge you, you can wave a finger in their face and tell them that it’s your life and your choices are none of their business but when it comes to the demands of the corporate life, it’s often in your best interest to be a people pleaser.

The people in your work life are either your employees, your co-workers, your clients or even your bosses – all of which you want to be your best in front of in order to succeed. Now, this could sound like a bother to a lot of people who like living on their own terms but it’s really not all that bad. You see, you can do the bare minimum of things and still make a great impression of yourself in front of all the others as long as the little you do is done right.

You can dress better for one, you could practice using your body language in your favour but that’s not all either. Every little thing about you can help you make a great impression of yourself in front of the people around you, including your business cards. Everyone has a business card but not everyone has a business card made out of stainless steel with a great, luxurious finish that makes it hard to ignore.

You can check out metalkards.com and learn how you can be different at work and still make the impression you want on those that you interact with. You’re literally handing out good impression of you to people this way.


Changing The Way We Dab

The traditional way of dealing with concentrated cannabis is a nail and a butane torch. The right dab only happens once it meets a certain optimal temperature of heating. However, since you are using an open flame to do it, it is not an easy job to get it right every single time. If you do not heat it enough, then the dab ends up pooling in one corner with little to no vapor, and if you end up overheating it, it will burn and smell and taste like plastic. Thankfully, innovations in the field have led to the creation of e-nails or more commonly known as the electronic nail.

The workings and design of each unit e-nail normally consists of a controller box that creates heat and passes it through a coil which happens to be directly connected to the nail. These boxes allow for the temperature to be controlled and manipulated easily through the buttons that are present on the controller box. This way all you have to do is set the desired temperature and push the button to turn on the controller, and then wait till it indicates that the nail has reached your desired temperature.

This is really beneficial since you are able to perfectly control the temperature you want your nail to be at, leaving you with a consistent result every time, so you do not have to worry about under-heating or overheating your nail like you would with a butane torch. This makes things very easy and a lot more convenient for users since it also removes having to rely on a butane torch to get things done. Now all you simply have to do is push a button and then relax knowing that your nail will be at the right temperature every time.


Music For The Development of Kids

Music is great for the development of kids. We know that you might be surprised by that and are probably wondering if we are right or not but it is not our claim, it is the claim of researchers. If you have a nanny, you should train him/her to play music for your kids and integrate it into different activities.

If you are looking for a new nanny then why not contact Nannies Plus Us and look for a nanny that has some musical talent? We know that there are some parents out there who feel that music tend to muddle kids’ brains but that is not the case. According to a study done by researchers at University of Southern California, it was found that when a child is exposed to music at an early age, he/she experiences development of cognitive abilities. There was another study done that found that a child who plays a musical instrument as a kid has higher chances of being good at mathematics.

Nanny Duty

We believe that it is time that you involve your nanny and make a plan of how you will integrate music into your child’s everyday life. If you hire a nanny who is good at researching and organizing routines, it will turn out positively because he/she will be able to learn how music affects the child, what to introduce and how often to do it.

Other Than For Sleeping

We all play music so that our kids would fall asleep but it needs to be used at other occasions too as playing music only near sleep time will not do the trick.

Instruments to Use

Assign this duty to your nanny that he/she should help your kid play instruments like ukulele, chime bars, percussion kits and more.


A Great Gift to Get Your Son on His Birthday

Being a parent can be very stressful indeed. There are just so many things that you are going to have to take care of, from deciding where your son ends up getting his education to helping him become a good person when he finally grows up to be a full fledged adult. One aspect of being a parent can be particularly irksome, and this is that you are going to have to decide what to get your son for his birthday.

You obviously want something that would help your son feel like he is loved, that you care about his wants and needs. At the same time you would not want to end up spoiling your son in any way, nor are you going to want to end up spending more money than you can afford to. The important thing to remember is that there is a happy medium that can be achieved fairly easily, all you have to do is be willing to adhere to it.

One great gift idea is to just get your son a remote control car. This is great because it is quite exciting for a little boy to get something like this. All little boys love cars after all, and this kind of toy allows them to express their love for automobiles and drive them around to some extent without it costing you too much money. Driving a remote control car is also a very enjoyable activity for pretty much everyone involved, and you can spend some father son time with your child as well by creating obstacle courses and the like that your son can drive through. Try to get some RC car information before you end up making your purchase so that you know what you’re getting into.


Trust Me, Your Seat Needs One Too

They say that not all heroes wear capes, and that might be true because the genius who came up with Ilumibowl probably wasn’t wearing a cape when he put his idea for crowd funding up on Kickstarter (or maybe he was, we really have no way of knowing come to think of it). Having to get up and go to the bathroom in the middle of the night can be very annoying, especially when you have work in the morning to go to and not a lot of time to sleep.

Sleep is a fragile thing for most of us but if there’s one thing that can wake anyone up, it’s the bright bathroom light and the shock it can give your eyes when you walk into it from the dark that your eyes were accustomed to. Your eyes need time to adjust otherwise the shock just hurts them and kills your chances of slipping back into bed and going to sleep again.

The Illumibowl was designed to eliminate the effort we have to put ourselves through when looking for a source of light in the bathroom and the strain that light can put on our weary and tired eyes. The first Illumibowl was really well received and is now on its second, new and improved iteration, the Illumibowl 2.0. You don’t have to take our word for how awesome this is and can read a complete review before you decide whether or not you could use one but we’ll tell you a bit about it anyways. It attaches to your toilet seat and lights up when it senses you near it. The light is very easy on the eyes and the seat is very comfortable too. With the Illumibowl 2.0, your night time bathroom visits won’t threaten your sleep any longer.


Preventing Workplace Injuries

While some of us work in offices where we are required to sit at a desk and do what we’re supposed to be ding, some workplaces actually put you out there to do things that can be really dangerous for you. The reason why workplaces like construction sites, factories and oil rigs pay their employees so much is because of hoe physically demanding and dangerous the work is but in no way, shape or form does an employer actually want their employees to get hurt but it can still happen because of the nature of the job.

Such dangerous workplaces have many rules and regulations in place that they’re legally allowed to follow so that their employees don’t get injured at work but in a certain employer isn’t following these health and safety guidelines, then their workers can be in real danger. Anything that happens to a worker because of the job is all on the employer. Naturally, if a person is injured at work because of the relaxed adherence of the employer to health and safety guidelines, they’ll want to sue their employer right up.

These cases where an employee sues his or her employer over an injury can really quickly get out of hand and can be very damaging to the company’s reputation, which is why there are worker compensation systems in place that make sure that an injured worker receives the compensation they deserve while the employer has a chance to learn from the accident to make sure that no one gets hurt in the same way again. This way, worker health and safety issues are being taken more seriously and at the same time the employer can save their company’s reputation from bad press.


Tools For Working Deep Down

The kind of work that goes on at oil rigs and gas extraction sites is both dangerous and critical. Think about it, those who work at these sites are constantly exposing themselves to harsh environments and all kinds of dangerous workplace hazards. Suffice it to say, this kind of work isn’t for the faint of heart and those who do work at these sites are both brave and very skilled.

You have to be extremely well trained to work at oil rigs and gas wells; asides from just going down into deep and toxic chasms on a daily basis, you need to be trained well enough to work in intervention activities below the ground. Asides from skilled workers, a lot of very critical equipment is also used to lower workers safely into these deep and dangerous places but that’s not the only critical equipment needed – there’s a need to transmit data as well.

During well logging and intervention activities, the team that’s going below ground needs to be able to communicate with the team above ground in real time to effectively report any anomaly that they may find. Since getting cell signals below the surface is pretty much impossible, wireline tools are used to make communication and data logging possible.

The data collected during well logging is very critical and as such, getting wireline tools from a top quality wireline tool manufacturer I as important as it is in the case of tools used to lower workers into their place of work. The equipment consists of a string known as slick line, that’s used to lower an electrical cable into boreholes and wells. In a world where all kinds of transmissions are done wirelessly, who would have thought that there were still some things that can only be done through wires?


Precautionary Tips to Keep in Mind Before Using Circular Saw

For all the people out there who have little to no knowledge regarding power tools you should know at the very least that there are multiple types of saws that exist, ranging from the manual saws to the more advanced version i.e. chainsaws. However, one such saw that is also a power tool is used for the purpose of crosscutting or beveling through different materials and most common material is that of wood. The person who handles these circular saw or any other power tool should have knowledge, practice and training to be able to operate it in a proper manner because there are certain safety and precautionary steps and measures that are quite very important to undertake while using any of the power tools.

If you have never used a power tool before, the best thing that you can do is use it under the guidance or supervision of someone who has more experience with it so that you learn and are do not have to face any accidents. The best circular saws are available on alati Bosch, do check them out. Following are some of the precautionary tips that you should keep in mind before using circular saw, check them out below.

Wear The Safety Gear

The most important safety tip is to always put on your safety gear and make sure that the googles are always on and the auditory protection devices as well. Otherwise you can face some serious eye damage or auditory damage.

Always Use Clamps

Another important tip to keep in mind is that clamps should be used at all times so that the object that is being cut remains in one place and does not move around or else the shape or measurement will go off track.


Mistakes You Should Avoid When Finding a Job Online

The concept of job hunting on the internet has become much easier nowadays, many people prefer doing that because it is much simpler for them, and it lacks all the hassle that you might have to face otherwise. Keeping that in mind, at the end of the day, it is always up to you to decide whether or not you are going for an online job hunt, or going to do it on your own.

The online world has expanded so much that you can even find a handyman job in Canada through the right websites. That is how easy everything has become when it comes to finding a job on the internet. However, I am not going to talk about finding a handyman, I am going to talk about mistakes that you need to avoid when finding a job on the internet. It is just better if you go through this process.

Not Checking Out All The Available Listings

Whenever you are looking for a job on the internet, I would always suggest that you start looking at all the listings that are available. This is important because some people are actually willing to pay more than what others are, so it is just a better thing to find the best possible option available.

 Not Looking at The Client Rating

Client rating matters a lot whenever you have to look for the job on the internet. That is because there are clients who have been exploiting people for their own gains, and I would not suggest that you end up with such a client. So, it is always better to look for a client that has a positive rating, and does pay you on time as well, because that is among the most important things.


Obvious Reasons to Own a Gun Safe

Regardless of who’s hand it is that holds it, a firearm is still extremely dangerous. So many people around the world lose their fives to bullets and not all of them are actually even shot – a lot of cases are purely because of accidents. The nature of these accidents is such that they can almost always be prevented. Obviously, no one would want to experiment by shooting themselves in the eye but a child who’s seeing a real gun up close for the first time might accidentally do it.

Because of how dangerous firearms are, if you have even one lying around the place, you need a gun safe to store it. Here are a few benefits of having a gun safe that will make you realise how important they are.

Keeps Guns Away From Children

Like we said earlier children don’t know any better and as such, they can get curious around unattended firearms and get involved in a tragic accident. If you have a gun safe installed, you’ll eliminate all chances of your child ever finding your guns.

Your Guns Won’t Get Stolen

Firearms are neither easy, nor cheap to buy which is why they’re at the risk of being stolen. If your firearm is registered in your name, you might get into trouble because of any misuse it was involved in after being stolen, giving you all the more reasons to consider investing in a gun safe for your home.

Protect The Guns From Fire Damage

Any high grade gun safe is made to withstand high temperatures so that your guns and ammunition are safe from being damaged by the outbreak of a fire in your home. Having exposed gunpowder can make a house fire even more dangerous.


Standby VS Portable Generators

A generator can be a great investment for you and your family in case of sudden power outages, especially if you happen to live in an area with frequent power outages. Now before you get started on dealing with the wattage and size of your generator, you first need to decide whether you want a permanent/standby generator or a portable one. Now there is a difference between the two and either of them can be good options depending on your needs. You can keep on reading below to learn more about the two.

Standby Generators:

  • Now standby generators are permanently fixed into one place, and they require actual professionals to install and set them up.
  • They happen to have an automatic switch that is connected to the main electrical grid at your house. So, if it notices that there is no electricity running through the grid, it will automatically start the generator and once electricity is restored, it will automatically turn the generator off.
  • You don’t have to worry about maintenance and it will automatically alert you itself in case the generator needs servicing.
  • They are a great option for people who live in places that have frequent electrical outages for prolonged periods of time.
  • They are comparatively more expensive.

Portable Generators:

  • They are definitely the more affordable option.
  • They do not require an expert for setup or installation, saving you additional costs.
  • You have to manually turn the generator on and off yourself.
  • There is a risk of “back feed” to your powerlines while you are turning your generator on or off, making it dangerous for you or any worker that is working on the powerlines.
  • They are a good option for places that occasionally have blackouts and power outages.

You can check the different electric generator price in UAE for both the options and then go with what you feel will work better for you.


Buying Cycling Shoes For Wide Feet? What to Remember

If you happen to have wide feet, you’re probably familiar with a lot of struggles like trying to find a size that fits your feet comfortably, feeling the stabbing pain on your thumb and pinky when the shoes you are wearing don’t cater to wide feet and dealing with any bruises or callouses that happen as a result of that. This problem is more pronounced with cycling shoes since they aren’t stretchable, so they do not open up overtime like other shoes too. Now, if you happen to like bicycling, you probably have to deal with the discomfort caused by your feet and shoes after a certain period of time, which only ends up preventing you from fully enjoying yourself.

Thankfully, you don’t have to deal with the one-fit-for-all type of cycling shoes anymore because there are bicycling shoes available for people with wide feet as well. First of all, you want to buy thin socks in order to create more space in your shoes for a better fit. Secondly, you want to make sure that you are actually locking your feet properly into the bicycle, so example, a seat that’s too high or misplaced cleats can end up creating a similar pressure, wearing you out a lot more quickly.

When you are buying bicycle shoes, you also want to make sure that you get a proper size fitting done. Do not get shoes a size bigger than your feet because while they might be comfortable around your toes, your feet will keep sticking out of the shoes as you pedal, making it more difficult for you to pedal properly. When it comes to buying the right brand for you, you can always do your research by checking out different wide cycling shoes reviews to get a better idea as to what brand and kind to go for.


Attention to The Finer Things

Keeping control of your online reputation is an important skill to master. If you’re in the product field and that same product gets nothing but negative and disappointing reviews, you can bet you’ll find yourself overflowing in stocks since nothing is going to get sold. Doesn’t matter if you are just starting up a business or you’re already way into the game and have already built an empire, customer feedback makes it such that nothing will survive very long if it can’t make serve the use that other people have paid for. Take it like participation from your customers who have taken an interest in your business.

Not everyone leaves a review however, but those that due are likely to gain influence amongst their peers. That’s why some bloggers and websites have taken it upon themselves to assure other people of a cafe’s food, or of a retail shops customer service. Some have gone on to buy products of the market from different brands just to compare them to each other and see which one best suits what role and kind of buyer. Really, reviews are free advertisement if it’s good and downright rejection when they’re bad and any good business keeps this thought in their business plan.

This is one such task whatis180 reviews takes upon themselves to inform their readers of. If you need some kind of DJ mixer down to a kneeboard, maybe even a skateboard ramp you don’t want to go into the market without any knowledge of the things you need to keep an eye out for. Attention to detail can make the difference between a bad purchase and a good one and if you let a shopkeeper fool you, you’ll find yourself with something that you didn’t know was bad.


Reasons as to Why PFTE Coating is Considered to Be Important in Medical Field

When one thinks about non-stick coating, the first thing that comes to mind are pots and pans and other items that you see in the kitchen. Although a lot of people may not know this but coating of PFTE is not just limited to food industry or pots and pans but there are much more important uses for this nonstick coating that is very important and an integral part of different industries that are very heavily dependent on this technology. These industries also include automotive as well as medical industry and chemical processing industries. All of them are depended on varying degrees of PFTE coatings so that they can function up to their full potential.

Today, our focus is most specifically on medical industry and how it relies on nonstick coatings i.e. SSG medical coatings. Different medical wires are applied with SSG medical coatings and then supplied to the hospital so that they are sterile and remain that way until they are used. These coatings are also important because there are a number of organisms present in the environment that should not come into contact with the medical supplies or else they need to be sterilized all over again. Apart from that there are other important reasons, you can check out some of them as follows.

Surgical Equipment

Surgical equipment and tools are usually treated with SSG medical coatings and since these coatings have antimicrobial properties that makes sure that there is as less friction as possible. This also helps in maintaining the sterilized state of the equipment and also prevents bacteria from seeping into the equipment that are present in the environment.

Medical Devices

There are a few medical devices that have wires in them and these usually are coated with PFTE so that the friction is reduced and is minimal between the two items.


Interesting Things You Did Not Know About Famous Rappers in The World

If you are a fan of music, especially hip-hop and other music genres like rap, then you must be aware of the most prominent rap artists as well like P. Diddy, Eminem, Dr. Dre, Cardi B., and Nicki Minaj, etc. There is a lot you might not know about them, as most people are solely invested in the music that these richest rappers produce during their career, but it is always nice to know the way your idols made their name in the industry and were like just any other human being. Here are a few of the interesting facts about your favorite rap idols that you might have never known before this, check them out below.

  • Lupe fiasco is one of the rap artists that openly admitted about their mental health issues, and recorded it in the song called Lasers. In this song he talked about their struggle with suicide and how all the fame and success in the world is sometimes just not enough to keep a person satisfied and sending out a message to the fans that being rich does not make you happy.
  • Dre came from a family of single parent and before he was born, most of the people in his mother’s social circle asked her to abort the child to which she held her ground and kept the baby. Which is what inspired Dr. Dre to make music and be successful in his career.
  • Another very interesting thing about Dr. Dre that a lot of people do not know is that he did not smoke pot from the very beginning. His usage of marijuana started after he had interactions with Snoop Dog.
  • You might have a hard time believing this but some of the best rappers were school mates like Jay-Z and Busta Rhymes.

Harmful Effects of Pests in The House

You should know that only professionals can deal with pests and by professionals we mean people who do pest control in Glasgow or in some other place. Now we would be highlighting the main effects that are caused by pests that are present inside a house.

Disrupting Life

Pests can disrupt life very easily for e.g. if a raccoon spots your house’s garbage bins once, it would keep coming back every other day and disrupt your peace because it would not only make noise, it would also spill your garbage everywhere. Pests can be really annoying too like seagulls are considered pests in some cities because they swoop down on people and snatch food from their hands.

Damaging to Health

On a more serious note, they are harmful to human and even animal health too. Many of the pests carry diseases that can damage the health of people living in the house and even of pets which is why they are considered to be really harmful.

Spread of Pests

It does not always happen but sometimes certain types of pests first infest a house properly and when the population grows too much or there is not enough sustenance for them in that particular house, they start spreading out to the neighboring houses.

Sale of House

If you are planning to sell your house but there is infestation of pests inside or even outside of your house then the price of your house would drop down dramatically and if the infestation is too much, maybe it would not sell at all. It is seen that the houses that are infested with pests do not sell fast and the owners never get the price that they want and suffer loss in terms of money.


US Presidents That Committed Atrocities

The office of president is one of the most prestigious in the world, but those holding this office tend not to be the best people in the world. Indeed, one could go so far as to say some of them have enacted full blown atrocities. Although the number of presidents that have committed atrocities is numerous, there are about five or six that really stand out, and when viewed in a historical context one is often surprised that these things were allowed to happen in the first place.

John Adams is one president that a lot of people respect. After all, this is a man that helped author the declaration of independence! But when America was caught in a war with France, John Adams ended up going against the very constitution he himself had written. He passed an act that made it illegal for a citizen of America to speak against the government, and he also made it legal for someone with connections to France to be deported without a reason. This is obviously highly unconstitutional, but this did not John Adams from implementing it. The constitution was not sacred from the very first generation of politicians.

Another president that committed a violation of ethics will surprise you. His name is Abraham Lincoln. Lincoln is without a doubt the most famous president in US history, except perhaps for George Washington, and what he did to end slavery is truly admirable. However, a member of the executive branch of government, even the heads of that branch the President themselves cannot try to interfere with the workings of another branch. The judiciary is meant to be independent so that it can work without the president gaining absolute power. This did not stop Lincoln from trying to arrest Chief Justice Roger Taney, though, after he had a disagreement with him. Similarly to John Adams, Lincoln tried to suspend habeas corpus which would have prevented him from arresting someone without a reason so that he could attempt to arrest Taney.

Teddy Roosevelt is famous for a lot of things, but perhaps his most pertinent claim to fame is the fact that he had the Panama canal built. The manner in which he had it built, though, was rather interesting because it was such an enormous abuse of his powers. He used his diplomatic power to prevent Panama from seceding from Colombia when Panama asked for more money for building the canal. This had long term implications for the area, and America ended up reaping all of the benefits. Panama ended up becoming independent, but an American puppet was placed as the head of state.

American Presidents have a lot of power, and in spite of all of the checks and balances there were a lot of times when the power ended up going unchecked. Only time will tell how the American political machine would end up shaping over the years, even though it has remained relatively stable so far.


How People Hate in Groups

These days, one of the biggest topics is how groups of people end up collectively believing in fake news. The spread of fake news has been attributed to many things including social media, but the fact of the matter is that there are a lot of other elements at play. How our social structures work have a lot to do with us believing in things in spite of the fact that they are proven to be untrue with a rather easy search on the internet. There are four main reasons why we end up picking sides and making decisions against our better judgment.

The first of these four reasons is confirmation bias. With confirmation bias, your beliefs make you weigh evidence proving your point more heavily than evidence to the contrary. Thus, your beliefs are not objectively better than or even equal to other beliefs, it’s just you believing in them that makes you lean so heavily towards them. Confirmation bias makes us look at news and accept it immediately if it confirms our side of the story, and we tend to reject news that disproves our beliefs as well without fully considering whether or not it could actually be valid.

Groupthink is another big reason why so many people start believing fake news at the same time. Groupthink refers to the process by which an individual within a group would fail to raise doubts or questions about a particular topic or belief because of the fact that they don’t want to rock the boat. As individuals we all fear being ostracized by our group, we are all social animals and we all need to feel like we have something to give to our group, and if nothing else we want our group to have our compliance. Hence, people tend to stifle their own opinions and go with the opinion of the group, which further contributes to the spreading of fake news.

One more reason that fake news tends to spread a lot is group attribution error. This often works in conjunction with groupthink or confirmation bias. Group attribution error occurs when you see the actions of one individual and generalize them. You assume that if one individual behaves in a certain way, all members of their group will behave the exact same way. This leads to people spreading fake news based on their attribution errors since this contributes to confirmation bias a lot.

Finally, we have social conformity. The thing about conformity is that it is often necessary for social advancement, which is something that most people are looking to acquire. Since social conformity requires you to obey the beliefs of your group, you tend to play along just to fit in. However, as time goes by you are going to realize that you actually start believing a lot of it. Anyone can be seduced by fake news, you just have to believe in something enough for all of these biases to come into play.