Interesting Things You Did Not Know About Famous Rappers in The World

If you are a fan of music, especially hip-hop and other music genres like rap, then you must be aware of the most prominent rap artists as well like P. Diddy, Eminem, Dr. Dre, Cardi B., and Nicki Minaj, etc. There is a lot you might not know about them, as most people are solely invested in the music that these richest rappers produce during their career, but it is always nice to know the way your idols made their name in the industry and were like just any other human being. Here are a few of the interesting facts about your favorite rap idols that you might have never known before this, check them out below.

  • Lupe fiasco is one of the rap artists that openly admitted about their mental health issues, and recorded it in the song called Lasers. In this song he talked about their struggle with suicide and how all the fame and success in the world is sometimes just not enough to keep a person satisfied and sending out a message to the fans that being rich does not make you happy.
  • Dre came from a family of single parent and before he was born, most of the people in his mother’s social circle asked her to abort the child to which she held her ground and kept the baby. Which is what inspired Dr. Dre to make music and be successful in his career.
  • Another very interesting thing about Dr. Dre that a lot of people do not know is that he did not smoke pot from the very beginning. His usage of marijuana started after he had interactions with Snoop Dog.
  • You might have a hard time believing this but some of the best rappers were school mates like Jay-Z and Busta Rhymes.

Harmful Effects of Pests in The House

You should know that only professionals can deal with pests and by professionals we mean people who do pest control in Glasgow or in some other place. Now we would be highlighting the main effects that are caused by pests that are present inside a house.

Disrupting Life

Pests can disrupt life very easily for e.g. if a raccoon spots your house’s garbage bins once, it would keep coming back every other day and disrupt your peace because it would not only make noise, it would also spill your garbage everywhere. Pests can be really annoying too like seagulls are considered pests in some cities because they swoop down on people and snatch food from their hands.

Damaging to Health

On a more serious note, they are harmful to human and even animal health too. Many of the pests carry diseases that can damage the health of people living in the house and even of pets which is why they are considered to be really harmful.

Spread of Pests

It does not always happen but sometimes certain types of pests first infest a house properly and when the population grows too much or there is not enough sustenance for them in that particular house, they start spreading out to the neighboring houses.

Sale of House

If you are planning to sell your house but there is infestation of pests inside or even outside of your house then the price of your house would drop down dramatically and if the infestation is too much, maybe it would not sell at all. It is seen that the houses that are infested with pests do not sell fast and the owners never get the price that they want and suffer loss in terms of money.


US Presidents That Committed Atrocities

The office of president is one of the most prestigious in the world, but those holding this office tend not to be the best people in the world. Indeed, one could go so far as to say some of them have enacted full blown atrocities. Although the number of presidents that have committed atrocities is numerous, there are about five or six that really stand out, and when viewed in a historical context one is often surprised that these things were allowed to happen in the first place.

John Adams is one president that a lot of people respect. After all, this is a man that helped author the declaration of independence! But when America was caught in a war with France, John Adams ended up going against the very constitution he himself had written. He passed an act that made it illegal for a citizen of America to speak against the government, and he also made it legal for someone with connections to France to be deported without a reason. This is obviously highly unconstitutional, but this did not John Adams from implementing it. The constitution was not sacred from the very first generation of politicians.

Another president that committed a violation of ethics will surprise you. His name is Abraham Lincoln. Lincoln is without a doubt the most famous president in US history, except perhaps for George Washington, and what he did to end slavery is truly admirable. However, a member of the executive branch of government, even the heads of that branch the President themselves cannot try to interfere with the workings of another branch. The judiciary is meant to be independent so that it can work without the president gaining absolute power. This did not stop Lincoln from trying to arrest Chief Justice Roger Taney, though, after he had a disagreement with him. Similarly to John Adams, Lincoln tried to suspend habeas corpus which would have prevented him from arresting someone without a reason so that he could attempt to arrest Taney.

Teddy Roosevelt is famous for a lot of things, but perhaps his most pertinent claim to fame is the fact that he had the Panama canal built. The manner in which he had it built, though, was rather interesting because it was such an enormous abuse of his powers. He used his diplomatic power to prevent Panama from seceding from Colombia when Panama asked for more money for building the canal. This had long term implications for the area, and America ended up reaping all of the benefits. Panama ended up becoming independent, but an American puppet was placed as the head of state.

American Presidents have a lot of power, and in spite of all of the checks and balances there were a lot of times when the power ended up going unchecked. Only time will tell how the American political machine would end up shaping over the years, even though it has remained relatively stable so far.


How People Hate in Groups

These days, one of the biggest topics is how groups of people end up collectively believing in fake news. The spread of fake news has been attributed to many things including social media, but the fact of the matter is that there are a lot of other elements at play. How our social structures work have a lot to do with us believing in things in spite of the fact that they are proven to be untrue with a rather easy search on the internet. There are four main reasons why we end up picking sides and making decisions against our better judgment.

The first of these four reasons is confirmation bias. With confirmation bias, your beliefs make you weigh evidence proving your point more heavily than evidence to the contrary. Thus, your beliefs are not objectively better than or even equal to other beliefs, it’s just you believing in them that makes you lean so heavily towards them. Confirmation bias makes us look at news and accept it immediately if it confirms our side of the story, and we tend to reject news that disproves our beliefs as well without fully considering whether or not it could actually be valid.

Groupthink is another big reason why so many people start believing fake news at the same time. Groupthink refers to the process by which an individual within a group would fail to raise doubts or questions about a particular topic or belief because of the fact that they don’t want to rock the boat. As individuals we all fear being ostracized by our group, we are all social animals and we all need to feel like we have something to give to our group, and if nothing else we want our group to have our compliance. Hence, people tend to stifle their own opinions and go with the opinion of the group, which further contributes to the spreading of fake news.

One more reason that fake news tends to spread a lot is group attribution error. This often works in conjunction with groupthink or confirmation bias. Group attribution error occurs when you see the actions of one individual and generalize them. You assume that if one individual behaves in a certain way, all members of their group will behave the exact same way. This leads to people spreading fake news based on their attribution errors since this contributes to confirmation bias a lot.

Finally, we have social conformity. The thing about conformity is that it is often necessary for social advancement, which is something that most people are looking to acquire. Since social conformity requires you to obey the beliefs of your group, you tend to play along just to fit in. However, as time goes by you are going to realize that you actually start believing a lot of it. Anyone can be seduced by fake news, you just have to believe in something enough for all of these biases to come into play.


Is Government Intervention Ethical?

We live in a time where a lot of focus is being put on the government, whether or not it is doing its job and whether or not the government has too much power. One of the most frequent debates involves questioning the government’s legitimacy in the first place. This is because of the fact that one of the most widespread ideas that is gaining popularity these days is that of an absolute free market. In a concept that is almost completely Randian, the libertarian movement frequently claims that the free market should be allowed to regulate itself, and that if the government intervenes it would be inherently unfair.

However, there are a lot of situations where the free market having certain restrictions is actually beneficial for society. Of course, things like trade and the like are necessary and should remain as free as possible, but then again is heroin was allowed to move around as freely as things like salt then there would be a serious drug addiction epidemic. This is something that can be argued, however, because drugs were illegalized quite early on and we never really got to see what the market would become if the ban were to be lifted.

One example of how government intervention in the free market can actually work and benefit society without harming the profit making potential of enterprising capitalists is Low Income Housing Tax Credit. This is a tax credit that is provided to developers in order to entice them to build real estate in low income areas that would be affordable for people to rent out and buy. Real estate can often be very expensive, and the free market would make pretty much all housing expensive one way or another. Hence, real estate developers have no incentive to keep rent low, but government subsidies can make this happen quite easily.

Basically, developers receive these credits and can exchange them for goods and services that would make their construction projects a lot easier to complete at a more affordable rate. The tax credits are not a life long deal, though. There are situations where investors can end up losing their credits, such as if they don’t maintain their properties. This ensures that these properties are maintained reasonably well, something that would not have happened at all if investors were allowed to do as they please and still receive their all important credits.

These Low Income Housing Tax Credits have been an enormous success, resulting in the completion of millions of homes in these areas. It is safe to say that without government intervention, the poor would have a much more difficult time finding affordable housing that they would be able to live in for the long term. Hence, the government should be allowed to intervene in this manner from time to time, for no other reason than that it would make society a little more fair for its lowest rung which often gets left behind.