Changing The Way We Dab

The traditional way of dealing with concentrated cannabis is a nail and a butane torch. The right dab only happens once it meets a certain optimal temperature of heating. However, since you are using an open flame to do it, it is not an easy job to get it right every single time. If you do not heat it enough, then the dab ends up pooling in one corner with little to no vapor, and if you end up overheating it, it will burn and smell and taste like plastic. Thankfully, innovations in the field have led to the creation of e-nails or more commonly known as the electronic nail.

The workings and design of each unit e-nail normally consists of a controller box that creates heat and passes it through a coil which happens to be directly connected to the nail. These boxes allow for the temperature to be controlled and manipulated easily through the buttons that are present on the controller box. This way all you have to do is set the desired temperature and push the button to turn on the controller, and then wait till it indicates that the nail has reached your desired temperature.

This is really beneficial since you are able to perfectly control the temperature you want your nail to be at, leaving you with a consistent result every time, so you do not have to worry about under-heating or overheating your nail like you would with a butane torch. This makes things very easy and a lot more convenient for users since it also removes having to rely on a butane torch to get things done. Now all you simply have to do is push a button and then relax knowing that your nail will be at the right temperature every time.