Important Details About an Injunction Relief

You can go for injunction relief if your work, projects or services are being subjected to copyright infringement and the injunction should be your first form of action before you take any other step. When facing copyright infringement, you should definitely seek for monetary damage if you have suffered any loss of sales or even loss of copyright because it is your right. As soon as you find out about copyright infringement then you should immediately apply for an injunction relief which would help your case a lot.

An injunction relief is when you would go to a court and would ask the judge to prohibit the other party or person from performing a certain action. The good thing about this legal action is that you do not need to inform the party that you are taking this action and there is no need for a hearing. If you would read about Mac Rust, you would notice that the plaintiff is demanding to lodge for an injunction relief which is their legal right and would stop the accused from performing more copyright infringement. Let us now look at the different kinds or stages of an injunction relief.

Temporary Restraining Order

The restraining order in such a case is very temporary and is often known as an ex parte. In it, the matter or action is to be stoppedĀ  and it is necessary to stop it because the order would be by a court.

Preliminary Injunction Relief

This is the next stage of a temporary restraining order in which the actions are to be stopped till a hearing is held to solve this case by a proper judge.

Permanent Injunction Relief

In this case, the injunction becomes a part of the final ruling and it is applied for life.