Litter Box Convenience

If you are thinking about getting a new litter box for your cat or if you want to get a cat and need to get a litter box for it too then you might want to consider getting a pine litter box. With your cat’s pine litter box you will be relieved of a lot of work that you would otherwise have to do. The way the pine litter box is designed, it will automatically end up cleaning the litter box and you will need to put in a minimal amount of work to clean up after the cat once it is done using the litter box.

The way it works is that there are two trays on top of each other that hold the litter. Initially the bottom tray will be empty and the top tray will hold the pellets and the saw dust. However, as your cat begins to use the litter box the saw duct that is peed on top of will fall down in to the other tray through small holes between the top and bottom trays. The pellets however will stay in place and will not be affected. The unaffected pellets stay in the top tray and can be used later again.

This litter box has a lot of benefits to it because of the way it is designed. This litter box will ensure that all dirty sawdust sifts through the holes and goes down to the bottom tray. This will mean that you do not have to worry about your cat stepping on any of the dirty saw dust and then tracking the saw dust all over your house. You will also be able to save a lot of pellets as you won’t really have to throw them out with the dirty sawdust everytime.