Music For The Development of Kids

Music is great for the development of kids. We know that you might be surprised by that and are probably wondering if we are right or not but it is not our claim, it is the claim of researchers. If you have a nanny, you should train him/her to play music for your kids and integrate it into different activities.

If you are looking for a new nanny then why not contact Nannies Plus Us and look for a nanny that has some musical talent? We know that there are some parents out there who feel that music tend to muddle kids’ brains but that is not the case. According to a study done by researchers at University of Southern California, it was found that when a child is exposed to music at an early age, he/she experiences development of cognitive abilities. There was another study done that found that a child who plays a musical instrument as a kid has higher chances of being good at mathematics.

Nanny Duty

We believe that it is time that you involve your nanny and make a plan of how you will integrate music into your child’s everyday life. If you hire a nanny who is good at researching and organizing routines, it will turn out positively because he/she will be able to learn how music affects the child, what to introduce and how often to do it.

Other Than For Sleeping

We all play music so that our kids would fall asleep but it needs to be used at other occasions too as playing music only near sleep time will not do the trick.

Instruments to Use

Assign this duty to your nanny that he/she should help your kid play instruments like ukulele, chime bars, percussion kits and more.