Reasons as to Why PFTE Coating is Considered to Be Important in Medical Field

When one thinks about non-stick coating, the first thing that comes to mind are pots and pans and other items that you see in the kitchen. Although a lot of people may not know this but coating of PFTE is not just limited to food industry or pots and pans but there are much more important uses for this nonstick coating that is very important and an integral part of different industries that are very heavily dependent on this technology. These industries also include automotive as well as medical industry and chemical processing industries. All of them are depended on varying degrees of PFTE coatings so that they can function up to their full potential.

Today, our focus is most specifically on medical industry and how it relies on nonstick coatings i.e. SSG medical coatings. Different medical wires are applied with SSG medical coatings and then supplied to the hospital so that they are sterile and remain that way until they are used. These coatings are also important because there are a number of organisms present in the environment that should not come into contact with the medical supplies or else they need to be sterilized all over again. Apart from that there are other important reasons, you can check out some of them as follows.

Surgical Equipment

Surgical equipment and tools are usually treated with SSG medical coatings and since these coatings have antimicrobial properties that makes sure that there is as less friction as possible. This also helps in maintaining the sterilized state of the equipment and also prevents bacteria from seeping into the equipment that are present in the environment.

Medical Devices

There are a few medical devices that have wires in them and these usually are coated with PFTE so that the friction is reduced and is minimal between the two items.