Removing Double Chins

Nobody likes having a double chin, it makes your face look a lot fatter and makes it look like you are someone who has no control over their own appetite. It seems that for many people, a double chin is something that they managed to get from their parents, as it is a hereditary feature to be able to accumulate fat behind your chin. Some people are just more likely to grow out a double chin as they get older.

Aside from genetics two things manage to affect your double chin and make it more prominent. Weight gain that you have will have a portion of it go to your chin and make it look bulkier. So if you are already more likely to have a double chin genetically, then you should watch the weight gain as it will just make the double chin a lot bigger. The other reason is that as you grow older, the elasticity in your skin begins to wear off. With the reduction in skin elasticity, your face becomes more saggy and with that the skin under the chin begins to sag as well. This will make a double chin more droopy over time, although this should not be noticeable before your mid to late thirties.

A good way to get rid of the double chin is to get cool sculpting done. This is an FDA approved medical procedure that will freeze and kill off fat cells in a certain part of the body. This is done by cooling a certain part of the skin and creating ice crystals inside of the cells of fat. The ice crystals destroy the fat cells and they are removed from the body over time. If you want the procedure done then you can go to Everyoung Med Skin Care Clinic Burnaby.