Slowing Computer Systems

It seems like an impossible thing to not use a computer anymore nowadays. If you have to make a presentation for work, if you have to make a report, if you have to compile date and make some sheets, or if you just want to store your saved work, then a computer is currently the primary way of doing all of that in one place without having to put in any unnecessary effort by writing the reports yourself or having to draw up the graphs yourself.

Even if you want to watch some television shows in your free time, catch up with your friends through social media, or just go through relevant content, the computer is able to do all of that for you too. The computer is a very helpful tool that lets us do a lot and a great many people depend on their computer working properly to get through their work every day. This is why it is important to make sure that the computer works properly and does not face problems like slowing down over time.

One way in which your computer becomes slower without you knowing about it is through the AntiMalware service executable Windows 10 has bundled with the windows defender. This may come as a surprise to a lot of people because they use things like windows defender to protect their own computers from malware and viruses that can make it slower or harm it in some other way. While this problem is more prominent in windows 10, it affects most windows defender services from windows 7 and up. The problem lies in the fact that when you are surfing the internet, the anti malware program on windows defender is constantly running at a high CPU processing space and slowing the computer down .