Tools For Working Deep Down

The kind of work that goes on at oil rigs and gas extraction sites is both dangerous and critical. Think about it, those who work at these sites are constantly exposing themselves to harsh environments and all kinds of dangerous workplace hazards. Suffice it to say, this kind of work isn’t for the faint of heart and those who do work at these sites are both brave and very skilled.

You have to be extremely well trained to work at oil rigs and gas wells; asides from just going down into deep and toxic chasms on a daily basis, you need to be trained well enough to work in intervention activities below the ground. Asides from skilled workers, a lot of very critical equipment is also used to lower workers safely into these deep and dangerous places but that’s not the only critical equipment needed – there’s a need to transmit data as well.

During well logging and intervention activities, the team that’s going below ground needs to be able to communicate with the team above ground in real time to effectively report any anomaly that they may find. Since getting cell signals below the surface is pretty much impossible, wireline tools are used to make communication and data logging possible.

The data collected during well logging is very critical and as such, getting wireline tools from a top quality wireline tool manufacturer I as important as it is in the case of tools used to lower workers into their place of work. The equipment consists of a string known as slick line, that’s used to lower an electrical cable into boreholes and wells. In a world where all kinds of transmissions are done wirelessly, who would have thought that there were still some things that can only be done through wires?