When It’s Time to Cut Your Tree

Having a large property, especially a bigger backyard gives you a lot of freedom to decorate it as you please. If you have lots of trees in your property, you are lucky. Trees provide shade, fresh oxygen, and depending on the kind of tree, even fruits. They become a source of fun for children as they climb and play around it, and it becomes a home to lots of different birds and even animals.

It’s interesting that we become attached to trees overtime, however, like with all living things, your tree will not last forever. This is why it is important to be able to tell when it is time to cut down your tree since it can pose a threat to your safety otherwise.

  • The best way to assess if a tree is dying or is no longer safe is to inspect the roots. If the roots have shrunk, appear weak and damaged, that means your tree’s structural integrity is compromised, which poses as a safety risk since it can potentially fall.
  • A tree that is riddled by disease and pests is also a tree that needs to be cut down and taken care of because once again, the tree loses its structural integrity or become hollow, which makes it easier for it to fall.
  • If you have storm season approaching and you have a tree that is close to your house or near wires, you should have an expert come in to either stormproof your tree, or assess whether or not it needs to be cut down. If your tree looks like it might not be stable enough to withstand strong, stormy winds, it will need to get cut down.

Of course you don’t need to act hastily, you can always call in an expert and have them give their verdict before you go through with your decision. You can visit http://www.williamstreepro.com.au for more information.